Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you don’t mind read these Terms of Benefit carefully some time recently utilizing the CSGO SMURF WORLD site (the “Service”) . CSGO SMURF WORLD could be a location that gives positioned Counter Strike Global Offensive accounts. The buying and offering of Steam account is against Steam TOS. You acknowledge the complete risk of acquiring an account. In case Steam limits or in besides repudiates your account CSGO SMURF WORLD  will as it were supplant or discount the account in case you’re inside the 14 day guarantee period. Exterior of this 14 day period we are going not discount or supplant any accounts due to Steam intercession.



When you buy an account from us, you should give us with the proper data. Playing a competitive matchmaking game on an account constitutes full acceptance of the account because it was receivedIn case your account arrived at a diverse rank at that point what you acquiredif it’s not too much trouble contact us some time recently playing any competitive matchmaking games on it. We’ll discount the distinction or supplant the account. In the event that you have got played any competitive recreations we cannot assist you with the rank distinction at all. If anything happens to any of your accounts and we are at risk to pay as it were the sum which you’ve got paid to us for that account other at that point that we are not at risk to pay for your steam stock or any game stock.


Instant Delivery of all the Accounts (except bundle) If you don’t get the details please contact us.


  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions one simply accepts that there is no physical delivery required and the product are virtual items, he or she is content with the product bought by him/her and won’t charge back anytime in near future. In case of any problem with account details simply contact us.
  • Refunds are not applicable at all once the purchase is made. However, the buyer can ask for replacement / reboosting of his account within 12 hours of purchase
  • if any game is played on the ordered account the buyer is not eligible to ask for a refund or replacement.
  • Replacement will be issued immediately if the rank has become inactive upon purchase. (no games shall be played at all)
  • in the case of an account being compromised or locked, the customer must notify us as soon as possible so we can try recovering the account within the next three business days once the complaint has been received. We will not be held accountable if the compromised account gets a vac ban.
  • Any account purchased from us and is vac banned or over-watched due to cheats or any other illegal activity use by the end user will not be entertained by us.
  • We will not be responsible for any account sold by the end user to any other person.
  • We don’t buy back our accounts once sold.
  • Customers are responsible to read the product description and read carefully what they are purchasing once purchased CSGO SMURF WORLD  is not liable to provide a replacement or refund and “item not as described” will be not be entertained by us and it will be completely null & void.
  • Customers are solely responsible for the safety of their debit/credit/visa/master cards and their Paypal account. CSGO SMURF WORLD cannot be held responsible for any kind of “unauthorised transaction” made from the customer’s card or Paypal account and is not liable to pay any compensation or subject to an unauthorized chargeback.
  • Customers are responsible to provide their proper email address which is same as their PayPal email address in the billing email section. If they fail to provide the proper email address and provide other email address then CSGO SMURF WORLD cannot be held responsible for unsuccessful delivery of the digital product and “item not received” will be not be entertained by us and it will be completely null & void.
  • Refund and chargeback are not allowed and won’t be entertained after you purchase our digital products.
  • Any dispute raised by the customer after 12 hours of delivery of products, we are not liable to entertain them and we are not liable to pay or give any kind of refund on chargebacks.
  • Please Note As Trust-Factor cannot Be calculated No Refunds Shall be made on basis of it.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us on support@csgosmurfworld.com